Honkytonk on the Moon

by Shadow Giant

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Hooty Burd
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Hooty Burd Righteousness! You guys killed it, love that there's a song titled about Monty. Favorite track is Spiro Agnew for its "clean guitar" parts transitioning into heavier riffs by means of hella feedback. Can't wait for more! Favorite track: Spiro Agnew.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky To add to Steve's comment, which I agree with, it doesn't stop with the tag alone. Heavy southern sludge plays a part with insatiably sultry groove and hard earned melody. The album art doesn't hurt either.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger Nothing parts me from my hard earned cash like the tag psychedelic doom... Excellent !! Favorite track: Vir Antiquus.
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Close your eyes in the cold sunshine


released January 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Shadow Giant Hammond, Louisiana

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Track Name: Dan-O Heads West
rubicon of lights
flowing down the macadam
points of no return
it's just who i am now
a comfortable life filled with the white man's blues
supplicant of fate, but now i refuse

neither god nor man
is gonna sway this course
i deal my own hand
from the deck of my choice

chuggin' space cowboy
T-minus numb and countin'
seat kicked back nothing you can do about it
a comfortable life
let's burn it down to cinders
feel the cool night air blowin' in through the windows

neither god nor man
is gonna sway this course
i deal my own hand
from the deck of my choice
neither god nor man
is gonna claim this soul
and if hell awaits me
i'll gladly go
Track Name: Monty Ran for Beer
poor old soul
haunting doorways no-one sees
oh, oh lord
won't you let this old soul be

oh, oh lord
why'd you leave me here alone
oh, oh lord
won't you take this old soul home?
Track Name: Vir Antiquus
we made the first fires
on the hillsides
knew mother earth
and she knew us
praise her with blood
and empty stomachs
make her an icon from the stone

night hides
a thousand sudden deaths
dance for the sun
and fertile days
build walls to hide us
from her eyes
hymns sung to empty, angry skies
Track Name: Spiro Agnew
empires fall
plucked from obscurity
some nothing man
silent majority

one tiny taste turns into a feast
no turning back now, you're in this too deep
constant weight

how it was
how it will always be
some nothing man
buying authority

the cherry blossoms barely cover the stink
takes lots of greenbacks to grease the machine
it's dirty business but nothing's for free
no turning back now you're in this too deep
constant weight
Track Name: Suckass Paycheck
the new gods landed
on this vast and fertile earth
wrapped in blankets of death
and the curse of a virgin birth
questioning minds and idle hands
can only do the dark one's will
so break your backs in sacrifice
until the new gods have their fill

but one amongst us brothers and sisters
must cast the first stone
or beg for table scraps
and work fingers to bloody bone
the gods of the new world they lie
basking in mansions of the sun
while the gods of the old world
prepare for Armageddon

is this a living wage?
or some slaver's ill receipt?
on that subject they demure
not a man here among you who
hasn't felt the heat
but only the twisted endure
factory floors sit cold and unused
stripped of vital machining tools
while the outsource profit margin charts
they skyrocket through the roof
and the working man is told to turn the other cheek
while the white collar wolves of the corporate packs
yeah, they feast upon the weak

get so far into this
that you end up powerless

and the halls of the innocent
are not soured by the blood of the sinners
and the gods of the old world
yeah they tear a new hole into this one